As the fifth wave of the virus rises, France will begin offering adults a dose of COVID-19 booster starting Saturday. Health Minister Olivier Vernon announced the rise in patients, hospitalizations, and deaths in France.

He said no new locks or curfews were in place. Mr. Veran, however, introduced an incentive to get a booster. Adults will need one of their COVID health licenses by January 15 – allowing access to restaurants, bars, and other indoor spaces – valid.

The government has already announced that people over the age of 65 should be given the third dose by December 15. Mr. Veran added that a negative COVID-19 test is now valid only for a health pass within 24 hours of receiving it.

Currently, a negative test can be used as a health test for 72 hours. Friday, though necessary health permit for a ceremony, all indoor settings in masks are compulsory. Authorities say the masks will also be needed for outdoor Christmas markets.

The government announcement comes as the number of patients has increased significantly with the registration of 32,591 new patients in the country on Wednesday (November 24). The number of new cases has already grown to about 200 per 100,000, which is four times the national warning threshold.

Around 76.9% of France’s population, or nearly 88 percent of the population eligible for immunization, is completely vaccinated against COVID-19. Mr. Veran stated that they will seek to persuade the millions of people who have yet to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine but praised France’s excellent immunization rate. They said it saved the country from a potentially deadly fifth wave of diseases.

The COVID-19 vaccination, according to French authorities, lowered the risk of hospitalization by eight times and the chance of being admitted to intensive care by 10 times. Meanwhile, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer announced that in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, all children in a class would be tested instead of being dismissed.

European Drug Agency on Thursday recommended that the age of 5 to 11 can get the vaccine for children between the ages of, Veran said that 2022 would not be available to children in France before. Authorities said vaccinating children would be “optional.”

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