google pixel 6 pro

In a brief hands-on video, the google pixel 6 pro may have been leaked

In the month of August by announcing the phones back before leaking any possible news about the pixel and pixel pro google was ahead.  Consisting that they would work on the...
Swallow's Nest

Swallow’s Nest Castle

The Swallow's Nest is a picturesque castle in Gaspra, a tiny resort town in the Crimean Peninsula between Yalta and Alupka. It was erected for the Baltic German merchant Baron von...
Lennox Castle

Lennox Castle, Scotland

The remains of Lennox Castle Hospital in Lennox town, Glasgow, Scotland are a popular destination for urban explorers, although few are aware of the castle's lengthy and infamous past. This is...
Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester, the widow of weapons mogul William Wirt Winchester, lived in the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. The Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion, located at 525 South Winchester...
Pennhurst Haunted Asylum

Pennhurst Haunted Asylum

In 1903, the Pennhurst Haunted Asylum for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic was given permission to build the Pennhurst State School and Asylum. This was previously known as the Pennhurst Haunted Asylum...

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