Boldt Castle is a prominent junction and tourist destination in the United States’ state of New York’s Millennium Islands area. Open to visitors from mid-May to mid-October, it is located on the heart of St. Lawrence River. Hart Island is located in Jefferson County and is part of the city of Alexandria. The Thousands of Islands Bridge Authority maintains it as a tourist attraction. It was once a private home built by American tycoon George Bold.

Boldt Castle View


George Bold, general manager of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City and manager of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, and his family enjoyed a former frame house in Hart Island (the island’s first name) for several summers. Expanded. In 1900, George Bold embarked on an ambitious construction business to build a massive masonry structure, one of the largest private homes in the United States. He contacted the G. W. & W. D. Hewitt Institute of Architecture and hundreds of workers for a six-story “castle” as a gift to his wife. In addition, four other masonry structures on the island stand out architecturally. Equally special was the large yacht house on the neighboring island of Walesley, and the Baldts had another summer home and a large estate with farms, canals, golf course, tennis court, equestrian, and polo field.

After the death of Bold’s wife, Louise Kehrer Bold, construction on Bold Castle came to a halt in early 1904. Bolt never returned to Hart Island but spent the summer on 1000 islands until his death in 1916. For 73 years, the fort and other stone structures were exposed to harsh winters and occasional destruction. In 1977, the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired Heart Island and the nearby yacht house for one dollar, under an agreement that all proceeds from Operation Castle would be used for restoration.

In the two decades since the property was acquired, the Millennium Bridge Authority has continued to work annually, spending about $ 15 million on renovations and improvements. The primary purpose of renovating Heart Island was not to finish what was unfinished, but to restore the island to its original state when construction stopped.

Improvements have surpassed that goal as stained glass spheres, marble floors, large staircase woodwork, butler’s pantry, maids’ and staff’s dining rooms and kitchen have been refurbished. By 2020, more than $ 50 million will be spent on renovating and rehabilitating the palace and surrounding structures.

Today, Boldt Castle can be accessed by ferry, private boat, or yacht from Alexandria Bay, New York, Clayton, New York, Gannock, Ontario, Rockport, Ontario, and Ivy Lee in Ontario. Many stadiums and buildings are open to the public for a fee. Private boatmen can ship to Heart Island for free. Boldt Castle is a port of entry and is home to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office on Heart Island. Visitors arriving from Canada to the island are considered to be entering the United States, so proper identification is required to enter the country.


The powerhouse, which is located on the island’s eastern border, was erected to contain a steam generator that would provide energy to the island. Inside, exhibits explain how power was established in the early 1900s, and a small exhibition of historic images of the building of Boldt Castle, which was destroyed by fire in the 1930s, and the 1000 Islands area is on display. One of the first repair efforts was the Power House. The Thousand Island Bridges Authority acquired it in 1977.


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