Ballycarbery Castle is located in Ireland 3km away from caherviseen, county Kerry. The castle is on a hill that covers with grass facing towards sea and near to the leacanabuile Fort and cahergall fort. Castle was built in 16th century. Castle was used from 1398 – 20th century. Unfortunately, now the Ballycarbery Castle is ruined.

History of the Ballycarbery Castle.

There were some saying that, there were some other residencies in the land of where the castle situated. However, the remaining parts or ruins of the castle were built in the 16th century. It is not clear that whether the castle is owned by the Mccarthy Mor or their wardens the O’Connels, but there are some evidences it is owned by McCarthy Mor. After the death of Donal McCarthy Mor the possession of the castle was passed on to the hands of Sir Valentine Borwne.

     During the war of three kingdoms (kingdom of England, Ireland and Scotland), in other words British civil War, the castle was subjected to cannon fire in 1652 by Parliament forces. A house which is built in the 18th century in the site of the castle which was belonged to the Lauder family was dropped down in the 20th century.

The eye catching structure of the Ballycarbery castle.

Around the castle can be seen a high wall only now remaining half of it. In the lower parts of the remaining wall arrow slits can be seen. A staircase which not usable can be seen inside the castle.

       There were several Chambers in the castle but now only one chamber is walled and roofed. In this chamber, which is quite big when comparing to the other Chambers, a staircase can be seen towards the upstairs. Mostly the ground floor is covered by grass.

Present condition of the castle.

The ground floor and the ruins of the castle were accessible till 2017. But, however now the castle is not open to public. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the castle from the park which is located 200m from the front of the castle.

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