Abandoned Winderbourne Mansion

Winderbourne Mansion was built in 1884 by Enoch and Mary Totten as a Victorian-Ira house. Enoch Totten was a Civil War veteran and lawyer in Washington. The house got its name from Elias Howe’s creation of Bobbin-Winder. Winderbourne was originally painted pink with dark rose accents. The Totten’s loved gardening and had gardeners on duty all year to care for the exotic plants they imported from all around the world. Many people believe the mansion to be haunted, owing in part to the immense tragedy that occurred there. Typhoid fever was contracted by all three Totten children, most likely as a result of drinking contaminated water. One of the children died as a result of this. The house is currently abandoned and there are no plans to renovate it. The property is nine acres, and there are trees and flowers in the back yard and a few old muscle cars. The interior of the house is full of antique furniture, articles, magazines and clothes.

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