Abandoned Pripyat City

Pripyat is a city in nothern Ukraine, full of ghosts. It got the name as Pripyat because of a nearby river. Pripyat is a kind of closed town in the Soviet Union. Officially it was proclaimed as a city in 1979. It is located within the administrative district of Vyshhorod Raion. And also Pripyat is supervised by Ukraine’s Ministry of Emergencies. One salient feature that are noticed in the photographs was abandoned Ferris wheel which is located in the Pripyat Park. Another two tourist attractive beautiful features of this land are Avanhard Stadium and Azure Swimming pool. Some former residents assembled at the abandoned city of Pripyat to celebrate its 50th anniversary on 4 February 2020. After the abandonment of the city this was the first time residents came back to city.

Abandoned Pripyat City
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