Abandoned Houtouwan, Shengshan Island, China

Houtouwan is an island situated on the northern side of Shengshan Island. It is an abandoned fishing village among a chain of 400 islands. This village was abandoned in the early 1990s which was a hometown for more than 2000 fisherman. But today we can found only few people. Nowadays there is a high tourist attraction for this village. Main Reason for the abandonment of the village is lack of infrastructure facilities such as education, food and food delivery. Though the infrastructure facilities are lack the green picturesque village is bringing a calm and nice feelings to our heart. That’s why may be a huge number of people come to visit this green village daily. Over the past years the surfaces of the houses of this village began to fully cover by the green. So the number of tourist visitors who visit this Greenland increasing day by day. If you also visit this village you will gain an experience that you haven’t gain ever.

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